Chicken Rice &
Peas Plantains

Easily the most popular combination created by our customers.
If you're new to Dominican Food, this is your safest bet. We promise you will not be disappointed.
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When one of our customers asked for this "special order", we couldn't help but kick ourselves for not offering it sooner. Your choice of our signature Chicharrón or Chicken mofongo accompanied with our Chicharrón de Pollo, small pieces of golden-fried chicken seasoned to perfection.

Known as Menudo, Pansa or Tripe, Our mondongo is cooked for over five hours to make sure it's tender while absorbing all the flavor of our seasonings to counter mondongo's strong taste.

Bistec Encebollado

Steak and Onions. A favorite in Dominican Cuisine, our steak is tenderized and sizzled over high heat and topped with grilled onions. Served with rice, beans and choice of side.
Los Tres Golpes

The most traditional breakfast our country has. Mangú (mashed green plantain) accompanied with Induveca Salami, Fried Cheese and eggs.

Salted Cod fish mixed with potatoes. Not only is it Julio Iglesias' favorite dish when he visits the Dominican Republic, our Bacalao is carefully desalted and cooked to perfection.

The French fries of Dominican Republic. They serve as a great substitute for Rice and Beans. Crispy tostones are our specialty, always made fresh from scratch. Never frozen.
Stewed Chicken

The most popular entree in Dominican Republic. Seasoned with over eleven spices and slowly cooked in its own juices to perfection.
Stewed Beef

Tender beef marinated overnight and slow cooked in grandma's pot. This accompanies our stewed chicken in popularity.
Fish with Coconut Sauce

Choose between our signature red snapper or our favorite tilapia fillet. Have it golden fried or if you have a little time, steamed. Later we bathe it with our original coconut sauce.

Marinated for two days, our goat is a local favorite. If you want something less intense than lamb, give our goat a try.

Our oxtail is cooked for over six hours on low heat, making it fall right off the bone. This makes it a hot seller for those that rarely see it in D.C.

Grilled Pork Chops

You won't find a more tender or well seasoned pork chop anywhere. Browned with sugar and slowly cooked, our pork chops deliver a taste that can only be found in the Caribbean.
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